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8+ Year of Undefeated Success

Glow Light Delta is a total lighting service provider, with diverse business models across the areas of LED indoor, outdoor and decorative Light Manufartung Unit at Noida, Glow Light Delta has the biggest solid-stage lighting base R&D and the talent pool, and business model, landscape and LED display, transportation, medical and other lighting. With a capacity for manufacturing of more than 10,000 square. feet in Noida, Glow Light Delta has the biggest solid-stage lighting platform in R&D talent, business models, and product applications.

Glow Light Delta excels in all of the areas that are crucial to efficient LED lighting systems, from thermal management Binning, optics, and binning, to efficient LED drivers and high-end power components. We also have developed significant proprietary technologies that reduce the costs as well as the complexity LED lighting control, operation and installation in the process, accelerating market acceptance.

LED lighting is perhaps the most significant transformation that the industry of lighting has experienced ever since it was invented electricity itself. LED lights are changing the fundamental nature of lighting by opening new possibilities of the way that artificial light can be used to enhance our experience.



ISO 9001 2000

All products produced through Glow Light Delta fulfill ISI Standards of Safety. Some of them are BEE stars evaluated. Glow Light Delta has been certified as an ISO 9001:2000-certified company.

We strive to provide ever-growing satisfaction to our customers by providing them with high-quality products and services while building our brand in the marketplace in the future. We pledge to provide complete satisfaction of customers through providing top-quality products and services.

To enhance Glow Light Delta brand identity as a pioneer in the manufacturing of LED Light Industry.